Merlin Friendship Club Newsletter

Since the loss of a home-town newspaper, several people have worked diligently over the years to keep the community in touch by producing a newsletter.

Published monthly.

Editor-in-chief is Sue Drew. There are several contributors who write regular articles to provide updated information on a variety of topics.

Volunteers assist with the printing, assembly, and distribution of each issue.

Cost is $1.25 for each issue or a subscription mailed to your home for $35 per year. Keep in touch with the village where you grew up. Or send us an article you want included. See contact page.

In town, pick up your copy at the cafe or at the general store.

Pick up your copy of August edition NEWSLETTER from within the front door lobby of the Club starting August 4. Stay connected with your community. Cost is still only $1.25

Click button below for a copy of April’s What’s New in the Neighbourhood. It is a link to the PDF version of the pages that appear in the newsletter that you can read online or download.

Putting it all together

New Feature

In this space, we feature an article from past issues of the Newsletter. When you click on the button below, the document will open as a .pdf (portable document file) which will display automatically on your screen. You can then click the download symbol at the top right and save the article to your own computer or tablet. (On some browsers the .pdf will download automatically.) When the feature is an image, it will open in a new window.

A new article or photo will appear occasionally. This time you can read the May 2019 Memories of Merlin article which features the Hotel School for upper grades.