Cleata Morris receives award

In June 2019, Cleata was chosen as co-CK Senior of the Year (along with Bob Hamilton of Bothwell). Congrats to them both!

April 9, 2019 Lunch and Celebration

At the chicken dinner on April 9, Club President George Darnley presented Cleata Morris with everyone’s best wishes on her 95th birthday which occurred on March 26.

Other Special Birthdays at the Club

On April 30, five more birthdays were celebrated at the Club. Kay Charlton, Colleen Buchan, and Murray Wright in front row were all marking their 85th birthdays. Carole Presley and Ruth Haddock flanking George Darnley just happened to have birthdays on this date. Congrats to all!


In the 1973

Trudeau Senior was in charge in Ottawa. Richard Nixon was president of the US but was up to his neck in the Watergate scandal. Popular movies were Serpico with Al Pacino, The Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and that horror classic, The Exorcist. It was also the year martial arts actor Bruce Lee died; and Monica Lewinsky was born. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Chicago Black Hawks to win the Stanley Cup. A dozen eggs would set you back about 55 cents, and gas at the pump was about the same per gallon, before the oil crisis that year.

In Merlin, plans were underway to set up a community group for seniors’ activities. With assistance from New Horizons and CYC (Company of Young Canadians), the project began to come together in August. Claire Paquette of CYC was involved and is pictured above.

Planners met to pick a club name and an executive.  The name chosen was Senior Citizens Friendship Club. First President of the club was Albert Wellwood; Secretary, Iva Morgan; Treasurer, Edythe Kennedy; Membership Chairman, Tom Swanton; Program Chairman, Mary Lahey (also in charge of Crafts).

Initially meeting in the Comunity Hall, the group was able to move to the former Abbott grocery store beside the Post Office. This building at one time also housed Ann Lloyd’s Dress Shop, Bill Nicholson’s Men’s Wear, and a hair salon. In earlier days, it was called the Zeller Building.

With the mission of bringing together retired people for fun, activities, learning, and fellowship, the Club has been serving Merlin for many years now under the name Merlin Friendship Club.

Ontario recognizes “Seniors’ Month” in June each year.

2018 Nominees for the Chatham-Kent Senior Achievement Awards.

Congratulations to Ruth and Harry Haddock and Marg and George Darnley.

The Expo and awards ceremony was held June 15, 2018, in Blenheim, its 31st annual awards.

Deserving nominees all.

The winner was John Lawrence of Chatham.

The C-K Senior of the Year in 2013 was Susanne Drew.

She was recognized for her commitment and energy in making Merlin and the Friendship Club better places to be.

Sue, as many will know, is Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter which is published monthly.

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